Located in the iconic Kirkwood Hotel, Vivian's Diner seamlessly mixed bright & shiny finishes with our Mixed Species Skip Planed Hardwoods for their custom-made table tops, loft and exterior accent walls. Entrance exterior wall is Skip Planed Oak.

Renovation : Dean Paulsen and Sons Contractors | Installation : The Finished Edge

I had the opportunity to work with Iowa Reclaimed when finishing out Vivian’s. Jules went the extra mile to not only help specify reclaimed wood that would work in our space, but also kicked out a few other fun ideas that had nothing to do with the wood we choose.
We were happy with the mixed hardwood material we selected for the loft wall, tables and exterior entry.
I would definitely use Iowa Reclaimed again as the material is timeless! We continue to get rave reviews on the design of Vivian’s.
— Jeff Duncan, Owner